opalite mini merkabah
opalite mini merkabah

opalite mini merkabah

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💫Communication 💫Love 💫Spirituality 

Opalite is man-made, however is still a popular favorite amongst the crystal community. Great for activating your crown chakra, Opalite can be used for the third eye chakra too. 

Merkabah - means Light, Spirit and Body; the sphere of energy in which everything exists. The mirrored interlocked tetrahedrons depict the duality of existence, Spirit and Body. Together, they become light. The essence of Merkabah is to let your conscious energy be the primary fuel, your Spiritual Energy and potential for Unconditional Love, and your body be the vehicle to transcend dimensional levels of Consciousness.

Measures approximately 1.3 by 1.3 cm.

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